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Water Savings

Water Conservation and Savings

HVAC systems produce a lot of water which is normally full of pollutants and is consequently ejected into the sewage system.

A 10,000 square foot (929 square meters) office building can produce more than 15,000 gallons (56.8 m3) of condensate water per year. Source: Alliance for Water Efficiency 


 Once Steril-Aire’s Emitters™ are installed, the water is automatically purified and can be recycled for applications such as: cooling tower make up, irrigation systems, and internal “grey water” use.

 Recycling HVAC Condensate saves money:


  • Lower condenser water temp requiring less chiller energy per ton of cooling.
  • Each degree water is lowered can reduce chiller kW by 1-4%.
  • Improved chiller operating performance as the load is reduced.
  • Reduce trade effluent charge.




Case Studies:

  • Read how Delaware Biotechnology Institute  experienced a direct savings of $4,000/£2,624 to $6,000/£3,936 in water costs during the yearly cooling season.


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