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    For better health, wellbeing and  cognitive performance.  Increased productivity and less  sickness absence means  greater efficiency and higher  profitability. 


    Installed in HVAC systems, UVC  delivers Continuous Background  Disinfection of air and a Pathogen  Reduced Environment in hospitals  and care facilities. 


    Installed in HVAC systems, UVC  keeps cooling coils free of bio‐film,  optimising:  heat exchange performance,  airflow,  fan speed,  pressure drop,  coolant temperature, coolant pump flow


    Against epidemics and bioterrorist  attack.  Installed in HVAC systems, UVC   reinforces resilience to accidental,  natural or deliberate/bio‐terrorist  release of pathogenic biological  agents. 

We are the UK’s foremost company for high‐intensity UVC solutions in HVAC systems. Using world renowned UVC technology from SterilAire™, we help implement Indoor Air Quality  Improvement strategies and programmes for commercial, institutional and healthcare premises. Health and Wellbeing: Green and efficient, our UVC  technology destroys bacteria, viruses and  mould, creating cleaner, safer and more productive work environments while considerably reducing HVAC  operational costs.

Commercial Building

Deliver significant energy saving of up to 20% and reduce your carbon footprint. Improve indoor air quality which leads to better productivity and reduce employee absenteeism.

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Health Care

Improve Indoor Air quality(IAQ) and reduce Health Care Acquired infections (HAI) by destroying thousands of airborne contaminants including fungal pathogens, bacteria, & viruses (MRSA, C Diff, VAP).

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Food Processing

Enhance food safety through mould, bacteria and virus control. Increase shelf life and reduce spoilage which leads to greater profitability and operational efficiency. Reduce product recall, brand damage and liability.

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